For a large part of the Indian population, especially those working in unorganised sectors, submitting documents and opening a bank account tends to be a difficult process.
To empower them to take charge of their finances in a secure and easy manner, YouFirst has partnered with leading banks and card networks (MasterCard, Visa and Rupay) to issue multi-purpose prepaid cards.
Customers can receive a prepaid card over the counter by simply submitting basic KYC documents. The cards are loaded with funds either when the customer receives money or when the customers pays cash to be added on their card. This way, people can enjoy a convenient and safe service, even if they can’t open a bank account for some reason.
YouFirst Prepaid cards are offered in association with leading banks and network partners like MasterCard, Visa and Rupay. YouFirst cards are convenient and safe and best alternative to carrying cash.
Benefits to end customers
Store cash securely on Prepaid Cards, no more carrying it while travelling
Shop online, withdraw cash from ATM and pay at retail stores accepting MasterCard / Visa / Rupay Cards
No Bank Account Needed
No requirement to open a Bank Account for Prepaid Debit Card; avail Prepaid Debit cards with minimal documentation
Wide Acceptance
Prepaid Cards offers flexibility to use monies in a secure manner based on customer choice, anytime anywhere
Online Shopping: Acceptance across all online shopping portals where Visa/Master
ATM Withdrawals: More than 150,000 ATM across India and growing
Shopping at stores: Over 1 million retails stores pan India
Financial Planning
Customers may spend or withdraw only the amount that is required while balance is securely stored with Bank.
Online Access
Manage Prepaid Card online on; check account balance, account statement, initiate funds transfers.
Prepaid recharge, bill payments and many more payment options.
Customer Support
Multi-lingual customer support through Toll Free customer care number
You First Prepaid Card
Bank Of India – YouFirst Prepaid Card
YouFirst presents the Visa powered Prepaid Card launched under a partnership with Bank of India. This is a general purpose reloadable Prepaid card. It can be used at any Merchant Establishment displaying the Visa logo, at Bank ATMs and also for online e-Commerce transactions within India.
Eligibility: 18 years and above
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YouFirst's Payments solution creates a secure and convenient payment channel by allowing companies to make payments to Employees, Associates, Partners and Customers on-the-spot with a universally accepted MasterCard, Visa or Rupay Prepaid Cards.
Through our Prepaid Cards offering, any type of payment can be made such as consumer rewards, cash-back or a rebate payout, sales agent commissions, petty cash management and staff expenses amongst others.
YouFirst in partnership with MasterCard, Visa and leading banks issues prepaid cards, which may be fully customized based on your company's requirements. Cardholders simply use their cards as they would use any other type of plastic to make purchases in a shop, online or even to withdraw cash from ATMs.
Leverage our extensive payment platform and prepaid technology to transform all paper check payments including compensation, promotions and disbursements.
Key attributes of various corporate cards / solutions
Banks & Networks
We offer these corporate cards in partnership with leading banks.
They are brought to you in association with network partners like Visa/MasterCard/Rupay.
They are widely accepted all over the country at One million+ merchant establishments. The cards can be used to withdraw money at an ATM anywhere and at any time. They can also be used for online shopping, travel / hotel bookings, fun and leisure activities.
Loading flexibility
These can be loaded as per the instructions received from designated official of the Corporate.
Card customization
There is a flexibility to customize/personalise these cards – we can include the Cardholder as well as the Corporate's name. However, these are limited to maximum character spaces available on the card.
We can work out options where in the Card welcome kits can be dispatched in Corporate's customised / branded envelopes to give a better connect.
Over-the-counter Card Issuance Program
We can design "over the counter" card issuance programs (where in the cards do not bear Cardholder's name). The cards are printed/packed in the kits, ready for issuance and dispatch. These cards are in de-active, zero value state. They get activated and loaded depending upon the Corporate's requirements post receipt of mandatory documents and dispatched as per instructions.
We facilitate the Corporates with regular reports for the Program including the card issuance, amount loaded, etc. Additional requirements can be addressed on case to case basis.
Corporate Gift Cards: Prepaid Gift Cards are considered to be the most preferred payment option for sales & incentive payments by the recipients. Our offering of network branded MasterCard or Visa gift card is the perfect gifting option for corporate payments. The pre-funded gift card is available in any denomination ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 100,000 and may be used at more than million+ merchant establishments accepting MasterCard/ Visa cards across the country including in store purchases as well as online shopping portals.
Corporate Gift Card
Bank Of India – YouFirst Corporate Gift Card
YouFirst presents the Visa powered Prepaid Card launched under a partnership with Bank of India. This is a general purpose reloadable Prepaid card. It can be used at any Merchant Establishment displaying the Visa logo, at Bank ATMs and also for online e-Commerce transactions within India.
Corporate Gift Card
RBL – YouFirst Corporate Gift Card
YouFirst Money Express is pleased to present the MasterCard powered Gift Card launched under a partnership with RBL Bank Limited (formerly The Ratnakar Bank Limited). The Gift Card can be used at any Merchant Establishment displaying the MasterCard logo and also for online e-Commerce transactions within India. It has access to million plus retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls and online portals.
You First Reward Card
Corporate Rewards and Incentives Cards
Various international studies & surveys have proved that sales professionals globally prefer receiving their incentive payments on prepaid cards versus any other form of payment, including points, travel or merchandise and value the immediate fund access their prepaid card provides. Cash rewards remain the most compelling and motivating type of incentive payment for sales professionals.
YouFirst focuses on creation and execution of prepaid card programs for incentives, compensation, rewards, employee’s recognition and appreciation payments. Custom designed prepaid card programs extend the company’s brand, while increasing program beneficiary’s mindshare and giving them the ultimate in spending choices.
You First Payroll Card
Corporate Payroll and Disbursement Cards
For many corporates, the process of making payroll payments can be costly and time consuming. Corporate Payroll Cards offer clients an easy way to reduce the time and cost of making payments at the same time offer enhanced security and transaction details for the payments they are making.
Prepaid solution is becoming more common particularly for those without bank accounts such as the young, migrant and temporary workers or for companies where attrition rates are fairly high. Our Prepaid solution addresses the gaps with quick turnarounds in employee on-boarding and offers efficient and economical alternate for HR managers.
Also, Travel and entertainment (T&E) is the third-largest business expense in most organizations - and continues to grow. Business cards for T&E are probably the best-known corporate card product and have been around a long time. Our Prepaid cards offer staff a convenient way to pay for business expenses whilst travelling or for reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees for official purposes without going through any credit or background checks and financial assessments as in the case of Corporate Credit Cards.
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YouFirst Prepaid
... an excellent payment tool for ...
Compensation, Rewards & Incentives
  • Appreciation Payments & Spot Rewards
  • Employee Incentives & Rewards
  • Employee Payroll & Special Allowances
  • Wellness payments
Marketing & Sales Promotion
  • Consumer Cash back & Rebates
  • Referral program – Refer a friend
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Instant Claim Payouts
  • Refunds Payout
  • Employee Reimbursements
  • Social Benefits Disbursal
  • Emergency & Relief Payouts
Prepaid Card Program Features
  • MasterCard, Visa or Rupay powered Prepaid Cards
  • Flexibility to enable/disable cash withdrawals
  • Personalized or non-personalized Cards
  • Define Validity period of the prepaid cards
  • Insta-issuance capabilities for over the counter issuance to end beneficiaries
  • Minimal documentation (KYC) based on program requirements & construct
Enhanced Communications
  • Online payment tracking
  • Detailed account history online
  • Real time account activity alerts
Customer Support
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Easily reconcile payments
Convenience And Security
  • Immediate fund accessible
  • "Universal" card acceptance across million plus merchant stores & online portal
  • Access to more than 150,000 ATMs in India
  • Mitigates security risks involved with handling cash and cheques
  • "Zero Liability" protection
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