YouFirst has partnered with banks, financial institutions, organisations. It is YouFirst's ideology of keeping the partner's business and interest first before themselves that nurtures these relationships.
A rapidly growing nation, India is seeing more people work today than ever before. For many, landing a job or starting a business is not just a means of making money, but of attaining a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. Yet, sending and receiving money proves to be a challenge for certain sectors, despite the large numbers of banks and ATMs in their cities.
To make the process of domestic money transfer simple and hassle-free, YouFirst has entered into a partnership with leading banks in India. This has enabled local money transfers from our partner outlets to any bank account of the receiver in India at an affordable cost, quickly and efficiently.
Key Benefits
Approved by Reserve Bank of India
Safe transfer to beneficiary account immediately
No more long queues
Flexible timings at nearby agent locations
As distances between geographies shrink, possibilities grow. People are increasingly travelling across borders to further their careers or engaging with clients and partners in different parts of the world.
To support such migrant population to take care of the financial requirements of their families, YouFirst offers a convenient, safe and trusted international money transfer service that lets you receive money from anywhere in the world. Leveraging on the legacy and heritage of Western Union Money Transfer, we bring to India a distribution platform of international transfer that is truly reliable, transparent and accessible through 40+ branches, 7000+ agent locations spread across 1500+ towns and cities in India.
Western Union Toll Free Number: 1800 1027 111
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YouFirst Money Express and Western Union do not recommend ...
Sending money to any one who is not familiar Its suggested to the Sender to transfer money to only those receivers who is known personally or whose identity the sender can verify
Receiving money from any one who is not familiar Its suggested to the Receiver to receive money only from someone who is known personally or whose identity the beneficiary can verify
RBI Guidelines for Western Union Payments in India
Only Inward Personal Remittances are permitted. Money cannot be sent from India to abroad via Western Union
All remittances are for personal purposes only like family maintenance or for foreign tourists visiting India as their personal living expenses.
No commercial, Charitable, Trade related transaction can be paid through this mode of transfer.
Transaction in the name of Non-Individual (e.g. Firms, company etc.) is not permitted
An Individual can receive only 30 transactions in a calendar year.
Money can be received in India up to a maximum of 2,500 USD or equivalent per transaction
A maximum amount of Rs. 50,000/- can be paid in cash. If transaction amounts exceed Rs. 50,000/- then the entire amount is to be paid by the way of account payee cheque or Pay Order. In exceptional cases, higher amounts to Foreign tourists (with valid TOURIST VISA) can be paid in cash.
Foreign nationals who produce their Passport and valid Tourist Visa, full amount in INR can be paid in cash. For foreign nationals also, the maximum amount cannot be exceeded equivalent amount of 2,500 USD.
Third party payments are not permitted i.e. only genuine beneficiary may receive remittance on physical presence at the paying out location, presenting original proofs of identification & Address. Beneficiary must self-attest the Xerox copies of proofs submitted.
Minors (less than 18 years of age) cannot be the recipient, of a payout, of a Western Union transaction.
Please note and advise people you know, who avail this service, that they must discontinue any transaction in which one is instructed or coached on how to respond to questions asked by YouFirst Money Express or Western Union.
This is a sure sign of Fraud.
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