Corporate Gift Cards
The best reward you can gift to your employees

Digitization is steadily becoming the main pathway for consumer spends. YouFirst offers comprehensive payment solutions to corporate customers.

Prepaid Gift Cards are considered the most preferred payment option, which gives you convenience to make purchases at any merchant establishment and for online shopping. The cardholder has the liberty to use the card anywhere in India when needed, limit the balance in the card, monitor the same easily and manage all payment needs.

Our offering of network branded MasterCard, RuPay or VISA gift cards is the perfect gifting option for corporate payments. Prepaid payment solution is becoming more common, particularly for those without bank accounts, such as the young, migrant and temporary workers or for companies where attrition rates are fairly high. Our prepaid solution addresses the gaps with quick turnarounds in employee on-boarding and offers efficient and economical alternatives for HR managers.

YouFirst Reloadable Card

Helps to make payroll payments to employees or partners as needed.
Reimburse employees for supplies, meals, or travel expenses.
Reduces the time and cost of making payments.
It offers enhanced security and convenience for payments they are making.

    Benefits for Companies

  • Reduce cost and simplify the disbursement administration.
  • Safe and secure online tool for easy card ordering and reloading.
  • Saves time and eliminates cost associated with paperwork.
  • Make payments electronically, without the hassle of opening a bank account.

    Benefits for Cardholders

  • Reduce Risk.
  • Funds are available immediately on the card - no more waiting for reimbursement cheque.
  • Cardholders can manage and track transactions via our mobile or online card account management tool.
General Purpose Reloadable Card

Risk associated with cash handling, inconvenience of cash handling & it’s availability has resulted in more and more people trying digital mode of payments. The government’s digital push has resulted in the need for changing consumer behavior from physical cash to digital modes of payment.

YouFirst offers comprehensive, smart and secure solutions for digital transactions that reduces cost, enhances operational efficiencies and provides unmatched user-friendly experience.

With YouFirst GPR Card you have options to spend at wide choice of merchant outlets, online shopping portals across India, with an additional feature of cash withdrawal at ATM.

We provide a complete solution which includes card management, secure transactions, delivering turnkey payments to the clients and dedicated customer support. Your money is safe, easy to manage and always there for you.

Simply better than carrying cash!

Our Range of Corporate Gift Cards

Gift Card
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